TS100 Soldering iron

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TS100 Soldering iron employs 304 stainless steel nested shell of Polycarbonate plastic.
It is designed with safety circuit and anti-static structure, integrated with DC5525 12-24V port, dual-temperature sensors and accelerated sensors with smart chip. Under these functionalities, temperature can be controlled accurately, stably and easily adjusted from 100°C to 400°C (max) and the TS100 also has sleep mode and automatic over-heating warning.

DC5525 power port is compatible with DC 12-24V Laptop AC Adapter/Power Bank/Car Power. (power adapter is not included)

We strongly recommend this soldering iron! its the perfect solution for repairing DJ Products! its fast, reliable, and small enough to carry around for quick fixes and you can power it by battery (12-24V) or a DC Adapter.

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