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Encoder switch for browsing on big CDJ’s XDJ’s and even some DDJ controllers to. You might have experienced that the browser is jumping on an older player when used. It will help to replace this part. Do not try to fix the problem with any type of spray like rubbing alcohol – this will dissolve a little packing inside the encoder switch.

Nothing more annoying than a loose browse encoder! Wear and tare on the DSX1080 encoder switch often causes the marker to jump up and down, which is really annoying in a last second browse situation! Luckily replacing the DSX1080 “potentiometer” is much cheaper than replacing the entire PCB. Also this spare part is use on a ton of Pioneer DJ units, from XDJ’s, to CDJ’s however also mixers like the DJM-S11. I would as a minimum keep one I stock at all time. If you have your own pair of CDJ’s, you might see the problem coming from a far, since this issue normally do not appear from one day to another. 

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