Who we are

DJ SPARE PARTS, is a worldwide provider of spare parts for DJ equipment with headquarter in Denmark. 10 years of experience with DJ equipment – both behind the decks, and as a service technician – means a large base of knowledge about DJ gear, DJ’s and the whole DJ industry.

We have been repairing CDJ’s, Mixers, turntables, controllers and more since 2019 in Denmark, and have now decided to go global with our spare part store.


The History

  I – Erik Højgård Sørensen – laid hands on a piece of DJ gear for the first time back in 2011 at my friend’s place. I eminently felt attracted to the two turntables, the vinyl, and the scratch mixer.       Soon after that experience I bought my first DJ controller, a tiny little MixVibes U-MIX control 2. With no knowledge about music, music history or the DJ industry in general I started out. And I knew from day one, that I would build a business in the DJ industry. A handful of years later I had lots of gigs in Denmark, and a dusin gigs in Greenland to. At the period I was troubling a lot with defects on my CDJ2000Nexus setup. First the CUE buttons died, and soon after someone poured a red drink over my DJM900Nexus mixer. It was an expensive period for me due to all the errors on the Pioneer DJ gear, so I decided to start fixing my gear on my own. A half year of school in electronics and sound equipment helped me along. And within two years my DJ career was replaced with spare parts and defective DJ gear.

DJ SPARE PARTS is currently service partner, and spare part pusher for some of the biggest nightclubs in Denmark. And now we are looking to expand throughout the world. By offering you guided videos on how to deal with errors on DJ gear, and the parts needed for every repair, we are growing. We want to give you the ability to perform basic repairs on your own equipment at home, or at your firm.

The team consists of


Erik Højgård Sørensen
Founder and head of operation

Amanda Ericonaeart.dk
Graphics and design

Morten Elsborgicecone.dk
IT and video production


Li Eliasen 

 DJ SPARE PARTS workshop and showroom
The showroom and workshop at DJ SPARE PARTS.

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