XDJ RX - 5 Points to service

XDJ RX - 5 Points to service

The XDJ RX may be one of Pioneer’s bestsellers. The unit is a great fit for mobile DJ’s and smaller bars and clubs. Since the XDJ RX went out of production, the unit has been replaced by both the XDJ RX2 and XDJ RX3. So it is no wonder this “old lady” might need a little love from time to time.

These 5 points are the most frequent points of issues from our perspective here at DJspareparts.com.

Play/cue plastic

The play and cue buttons are some of the most used buttons across all models. The DAC3018 plastic keyboard for the play and cue buttons on the XDJ RX tends to break over time due to wear and tear. If your play or cue button seams loose or can even turn around then it needs a replacement. To replace the part, you will have to take the unit apart, and pull out the “CDJB” (DWX3614 player circuit). Once this is out of the way you can replace the keyboard. Make sure there is no dirt on the PCB or in the big round holes for the play and cue buttons. If there is any dirt, clean gently with isopropyl/rubbing alcohol before reassembly.

Ribbon cables

The XDJ RX consists of a small amount of circuit boards, especially compared to bigger models like the XDJ XZ. There is pros and cons with both large and small amounts of circuit boards. The good thing about a low amount of PCB’s is that is much easier even for a beginner to disassembly, and reassembly the unit. Also the low amount of boards means les ribbon cables to keep an eye on. The small amount of circuit also means les spare parts for you to keep in stock.
   On the other hand it is sometimes just nice to be able to replace only a play/cue circuit board, and not the whole CDJB board – this will in some cases also make the purchase cheaper.

Anyway, ribbon cables. These paper thin flat cables are the highway of all data traveling through the XDJ RX, therefor these ribbons are a vital point to service. On the RX I would any time while servicing keep a critical eye on the DDD1687 ribbon cabels running between the CDJB (the player bords) and MIXB (the mixer board). The DDD1687 is used in both sides of the unit.
   Also I would keep check the condition on DDD1683 witch is the cable connecting MIXB and the main board. If the chrome connecters in the ribbon are bend, loose, broken or the cable is broken or damaged – throw away the cable and replace it! It is not worth wasting time on bad ribbons since they are so cheap, can cause so many troubles, and are so easy to replace.

This guide will help you to find the right knobs and caps for the XDJ RX.


On the XDJ RX most DJ’s love to use the pads a lot. And for good reason, they are always within range and can be used to create both loops and hotcues. The XDJ RX unit’s 4 pads are produced in plastic. Meanwhile the XDJ RX2 has got 8 rubber pads. The plastic pads are strong and we do not see them break very often. Should you be unlucky and somehow end up with broken plastic pads, the replacement part is called DAC3026.
While the plastic is strong, the switch on the circuit board is often seen defective. On all the 4 of the pads the DSG1117 tactile switch is used. This is the same switch used on most players, controllers, and all in one unit like the XDJ RX for both play and cue buttons. The DSG1117 is a 2-pin through hole component and is replaced by soldering. The fact that it is only a 2-pin switch makes it one of the easiest components to replace. If soldering is a no-go for you, then you need to replace the CDJB DWX3614 control assy (player module).


Potentiometers or pots are the “turning buttons” used to adjust EQ, effects, booth or master out - or any other adjustment on the sound. Pot’s tend to get loose over timer, that is a common problem on all types of Pioneer mixers and any other type of DJ equipment. The potentiometers are replaced by soldering and most often they are quite easy to replace even though they have up to 8 pins. Typically, the effects wet/dry potentiometer is the pot that is getting torn first. On the XDJ RX the effects wet/dry also called level/depth is replaced with DCS1078 – the same goes for all the EQ rotary knobs on the XDJ RX. Find a fresh and pointy soldering tip and get going!


As on any other mixer, the faders are an important point to service and keep smooth. On the XDJ RX the line faders consist of several different mechanical parts, that will spare the slider component from dust, crumbs liquid or what ever might find its way into the fader. On the XDJ RX the fader is constructed the same way as on many other mixers like XDJ XZ, DJM900NXS2 and XDJ RX2 and 3. So if you are already familiar with that design the faders on the XDJ RX will be a walk in the park for you to service.  
   If your fader caps seams loose and wiggely, you might just replace the fader housing DAC2684. If that did not solve the problem the mechanics underneath might need to be repaired or simply tightened.
If there are any loose connections, of cause the fader/slider component will have to be replaced. This can be done by replacing the little circuit board that contains the slider. Otherwise the DCV1027 channel fader component can be replaced by soldering.

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