New release from Pioneer - DDJ RE7 – DJ SPARE PARTS


New release from Pioneer - DDJ RE7

As teased Pioneer just now released the DDJ REV7 controller.  The controller features a new range of features, not before seen on Pioneer DJ equipment – like motorized 7” platters. The whole idea of creating a dedicated scratch controller is also a new thing for Pioneer DJ. The name “REV7” indicates the revolution that these new features represent. The word “REV” is also often used as short for reverse – on the CDJ’s the “REV” button is playing the track backwords. And on the DDJ REV7 we are all taking forward in reverse back to the vinyl age.
   Other brands have previously launched similar products – the Numark NS7 and recently the Rane one controller that was released around January 2021. Denon DJ also released the SC6000M single players with motorized jog weehls in January 2020, so maybe the rotating platters is on its way back in. By releasing the DDJ REV7 Pioneer is claiming new markets and comparing with directly with Rane and the Rane one controller. That may be a bit unexpected to a lot of DJs out there.


The Serato ready DDJ REV7 looks like a mix between a DJM S9, a PLX 1000 turntable and DDJ RZ. DJ’s who are used to the DJM S9 would most likely feel at home on the mixer section since the composition is very alike. With the pitch faders and the play button located like on a turntable in “battle mode” the players would feel like a small edition of a regular turntable. And with a few extra features like the LCD screen in the middle of the player stands out in its own way and separate itself, even from the Rane one.

Pioneer is well known for their club standard gear. They won their way into the clubs in the early 2000’s with the CDJ1000 series who over a few years more or less replaced vinyl as well as double CD players. Today the flagship form Pioneer is the CDJ3000 single media players, however in many venues you will find all in one units like the XDJ XZ nowadays. The Japanese super brand have a ton of controllers, effect units, mixers, players and samplers in different price ranges.

Is the DDJ REV7 going to find its way into the club scene? In most cases not. The DDJ REV7 will become either a bedroom controller or a mobile DJ device. Its going to be a lot of fun to play though – a vinyl feel without having to worry about sensitive tonearms, and broken needles.

If you are on a budget there will also ve a DDJ REV1 available. The REV1 has got the basic features from the REV7 still combined with the feel of standard turntables. For instance you have your pitch faders turned 90 degrees just like you would have on a PLX turntable – or any other DJ turntable out there!

   Should anything break though – then we are already building up a growing stock of spare parts for all of Pioneers beloved units. Find spare parts for your DDJ REV7.